Mortgage Lifter Grow Tent

The Mortgage Lifter Grow TentThere’s Grow Tents Then There’s

The Mortgage Lifter Grow Tent is one of the best selling indoor grow tents because it comes with EVERYTHING. It’s name is awesome (for obvious reasons) and the size is perfect for your average indoor gardening project.

This package comes with everything listed below and will encompase everything you could ever need in one shipment.

The Mortgage Lifter produces 120 pounds of dried plant matter per year! That is 10 pounds a month! The name comes from this expected yield. Enough produce to literally help “lift” your homes mortgage payment.┬áDimensions: 7’H x 8’W x 4’D

This Hydroponics System Includes

cooling, lighting, waterproof environment for in home use, inline duct fans and an integrated air flow system a water management system with 35 plant sites!(including all fittings) Complete with organic seedling starter plugs a Carbon filter and Ozone Generator and of course tempurature and humidity gauges and controls.

Check here for full specs and customer comments.

The Mortgage Lifter Grow tent is on sale!

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