My Grow Buddy 8 Plant Hydroponics System

My Grow Buddy – the Perfect 8 Plant System

The Grow BuddyAt 41″ X 28″ X 18″ this 8 plant hydroponics grow kit is about the same as having a mini refrigerator in your home. A durable plastic frame makes assembly a cinch and the entire system is very movable and easy to setup.

This setup is the ideal grow kit for beginners or want a simple grow. 8 plants, fed with a 6 gallon reservoir with an oxygenating water pump. Cooled with a built in intake/outtake fan for climate control. A bacteria resistant interior and comes with everything you need to begin growing right away. This kit is meant for everything hydroponics can bring to gardening! Super fast, easy to control indoor growing with T-5 grow lights.

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